Employee Engagement Solutions

Do you want to energize your people? Do you find value in being connected with your employees and hearing from them?

I will architect engagement solutions & platforms that keep you connected with your teams.

Case Study:


A large company was in financial distress and their long-time CEO resigned. The incoming CEO wanted to eschew the staid All Hands / Townhall meetings and wanted some ideas on how to engage employees in an ongoing dialogue.

Ideas Proposed:

Skew the Dynamic – To make All Hands / Townhall participative, invite employees to answer questions, instead of asking these. Make a five-minute presentation about your biggest challenge, and ask the employees how they want to solve it. This can also be done as breakout groups

Time Turner – Instead of opening All Hands / Townhall meetings with presentations, start with Q&A session – 80% of the time focused on Q&A, 20% at the end on a presentation by the CEO

Challenge The Team – Have the CEO drop in to staff meetings of 40-50 people, make a five minute presentation on the strategic direction or the organization and how the stakeholders think the organization is performing, and then challenge the employees to solve 1-2 top care-abouts

Breakfast Meets – Once a week, CEO eats breakfast with a team (each week a different team). Can be scaled across sites/geographies if you have volunteers in different locations

CEO Hotline – This is a chaotic time, one in which employees hear tons of rumors and so, have questions. Set up an open hotline with the CEO to address these. This can be done one day in the month, for an hour long online chat. Employees can ask anything they desire. For this to be successful, you will need to publish a schedule in advance and follow up with emails + Internal TV reminders

Culture Hack – have an opinion dialog on official social platforms about ideas to better the employee experience and workplace culture. Start targeted threads each week, and once there is a large pool of initial ideas, put together cross functional teams to develop it further


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